O&M C Paste & K-Gravel Texture Clay Duo (2x100g)

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Type: Hair Styling
O&M C Paste is a light weight fibre paste for all hair types, with a pliable, workable finish. Infused with natural coconut oil to give a lustrous shine, flexible texture and to nourish the hair.

Use your head – O&M C Paste is made in Australia, uses no petroleum products, and is professional quality.

O&M K-Gravel Texture Clay is a texture clay packed with a pliable blend of natural actives to deliver moveable, silhouette-creating texture. K-Gravels blend of natural waxes of Beeswax and Soya Wax combine to hold soft, flexible shapes in the hair, while the Fine Grade Pumice Stone adds the grit and grip. Kaolin, a natural clay mineral is K-Gravels secret ingredient key to achieving a matte texture.
O&M is 100% animal cruelty free, and has never been tested on animals. This product is PETA approved.